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Frequently Asked Questions...
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About our
What is covered in our home inspection?
An ASHI inspector looks at over 2000 items in a typical home inspection which cover the roof, foundation (including entering the crawlspace), testing of the heating system, plumbing system, electrical system as well as visual inspection for safe connections and installation of each system. In addition, the inspector will inspect the exterior grounds, including the grading around the building, the exterior siding and windows, porches, patios, and decks, as well as interior components like bathrooms, kichens including ovens and dishwashers, laundry facilities, interior walls, ceilings, and floors. All our home inspections conform the the Standards of Practice from ASHI which itemizes in great detail what is included in a home inspection, from top to bottom, a copy can be obtained from their website at
What is NOT covered in our home inspection?
Items such as pools/spas, termite inspections, moisture-related damage, code violations, home appraisals are not within the scope of our inspection and are not included in any service we provide.
How long does a home inspection take?
A typical inspection should take around 2 hours for a home of 1500 sq. ft. Add another 20 -30 minutes for each additional 500 sq. ft. thereafter.
When will I get my report?
We email reports on the second day after the inspection, usually in the morning.
What kinds of payments are accepted?
We accept cash, check, and paypal at this time only. For a nominal fee, you can use your credit card through paypal as well. Payments are expected on the day of inspection. There is a $50 escrow processing fee if you would like to bill escrow.
What areas are geographical does the inspector cover?
Our inspector travels the entire greater bay area from San Jose, to the Penninsula, North Bay, East Bay, the Tri-Valley, Antioch, Brentwood, and as far east as Manteca.
What types of insurance does your company carry?
We carry Errors and Ommisions and General Liability insurance for your protection.
Why should I choose your company to perform my inspection?
In the state of California, you do not need any kind of certification or qualifications to become a home inspector. Therefore, anyone can say they can inspect your property, however not everyone you hire will be qualified for the job. Not only is our inspector a member of ASHI, the national leader in providing certification for home inspectors, but he has been providing home inspections for almost two decades and has worked in the construction industry long before his current profession. In addition, he has worked with a Roof Inspection company for almost two decades, providing roof inspections for insurance adjusters, so there is not a home inspector in our area that has better knowledge of roofing systems.